How come you guys are on time?

We have our own staff in processing and distribution and we have a decent degree of leverage over our schedules. The two factors not in our control are train schedules and airline schedules-our two-primary means of delivery to the cities. And there are especially ordinary circumstances because barring God ‘s actions, we perform 95.99 percent of the time on schedule.

Why do you think your goods are free from chemicals?

Our core mission is to give consumers unadulterated, chemical-free food. We take great care to make sure we go directly to the fishermen or farmers without any intermediaries in between and buy the freshest of fresh food directly from the source. Additionally, We follow state-of-the-art transportation & scientific processes and packaging from source to door. It guarantees that the temperature and other requirements needed for safe meat survival are achieved using only natural ice as the preservative.

What about Ducks or other poultry?

In the case of larger birds like duck or country chicken, antibiotics are not needed at any stage as they are more sturdier birds and they are reared in a free-range fashion.

How new is YOYO CHICKEN’s seafood brought here?

Within a few hours of catch landing from the sea, the fish enters your house- our prediction is that it is in your kitchen within 20 to 35 hours of catch landing at the harbor. The capture is not handled with contaminants like formalin, chlorine or ammonia, which is the best and healthiest fish that you can find.

Are there only locally available chemicals used in the fish? Come on, that is just the pitch of your sales. I just don’t believe that!

How we wish that had been true! We observed that they contain Ammonia in a large percentage of the fish available on the local market. A smaller proportion has formalin. In order to protect it, nearly all fish you find in your local store is handled inevitably with one or more chemicals. Such contaminants are toxic to humans and effectively rob their freshness and natural flavor of the seafood.

Why do you make this so fresh?

Easy-after they finally fish and come to the shore, we retrieve the day’s catch from fishermen hours. Our well-oiled distribution centre ensures the fresh catch enters our crop, with the catch arriving on the shore in no time. We have a network of vehicles at our delivery end, which pick up the product from the airport / train stations and deliver it to your doorstep. We don’t rely on any courier firms and have complete power of sourcing and distribution-although it’s pricey, it helps us to send you the world’s finest fish in the shortest possible time from source to destination.

What do you tell with certainty that the meats have no hormones in them?

We take great care to ensure that the poultry you buy from us does not contain any growth promoters such as hormones, antibiotics and other bad stuff. The growth promoter bit is quick – if you’re able to reach the profit margin and are ok with poultry like chicken that doesn’t grow to the biggest size before slaughter, then you don’t need to add any growth promoters. In fact, most market vendors today don’t add hormones to chicken and are a common myth. Currently we are pushing the idea to the limit for safety reasons and making a hit on competitiveness in exchange for a smaller bird-that’s why you see that after cleaning our entire chicken is only about 1-1,3 kilograms, usually the chicken on the market will be much bigger. But the good news is smaller chicken is more flavourful and much more tasteful.

Why can you have it delivered so fresh?

We have a network of vehicles at our delivery end which pick up the product from the airport / train stations and deliver it to your doorstep. We are not dependent on any courier company and are fully controlled by our procurement and delivery-while this is expensive, it allows us to give you the best fish in the world from source to destination.

Is the fish taste variable from coast to coast?

Yeah, there is a major variation in flavour of the same fish that is captured in one habitat relative to another. For starters-It is well established that the best Hilsa taste actually comes from Bangladesh’s fresh waters. ETC.

Are they Halal Cut your meats?

Indeed, all of our meats in the correct Halal system are 100 per cent halal processed by humans. The main advantage of the Halal approach is that the blood is released out of the bird entirely, which helps the meat live longer and safer.

What are the supporting payment options?

We endorse ways of collection payment both online and in currency/cash.


Is information about my credit card secure on your website?

Hey. We do not store specifics of your credit card in our network. All electronic payment-based transfers are made using reliable payment gateway program backed.


When I pay by Net Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card, how long does it take to debit my account?

Your credit would be debited automatically, following a positive transaction.

My ‘session’ expired while I was paying by net banking. Tell me what?

Simply, this happens when you take too long to make the direct debit payment and don’t manage it within the specified timeframe. Go back to the website and you’ll be presented with a page to retry online payment or convert the order to the option Cash on Delivery (COD).

I made a successful net banking payment, but the system says the ‘check failed.’ What now?

Your payment account needs to be properly checked at your bank’s direct debit portal to position a valid order. There are different explanations why the verification can fail. If you have made a successful payment but the check failed, do not worry. The sum that your account has debited shall return to your account within 7-10 working days.

I cancelled my order made using online payment (Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking) option. When do I get back my income, and when?

The account you used for payment should get credited within 7-10 working days with the reimbursement number.

My bank is not listed as an option to pay online, how can I pay?

You can pay with any Visa / MasterCard Credit / Debit Card. You may use Cash on Delivery service in the event that you do not have a wallet.

Will I be paid any extra fees for using the payment method online?